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Peace and fun!

Our county is going back to tighter COVID restrictions as there is an increase in the coronavirus cases in the region. Even though this is not good news the weather was so good that I decided to make the best of it! It was a pleasant 70 degrees in November! My siblings and I went for a super long walk once again on the Potomac River, Swains Lock to be precise. Walking there brought me a sense of calmness. Not too many people were there, fortunately. We also had a fun, little picnic there. We saw a man setting up his camping gear and I was tempted to rush back home and get mine and spend the night over there. But that was wishful thinking. I am not sure about the safety in these places. You are on your own here. No guards, no nothing. Too risky. Next summer hopefully, on safer camping grounds. But here are some amazing pics I took!

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