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Painting the Day Away

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Art has always been an outlet for me growing up, but I lost touch with it once I started to become occupied with all the work and duties High School provided. With all this extra time the "corona break" produced, I decided to take this as an advantage to regaining my love for painting. Starting off slow, I ended up going to Michaels and buying a painting notebook to begin my journey. Using some of my old paints and brushes I jumped right into the notebook and ended up loving it. Rather than buying several expensive canvases, the notebook allowed me to get several of my ideas out at a faster, cheaper and fun way. I wanted to completely let go and let my mind control the art, which is something I had trouble with growing up. Having a little bit too much fun I ended up experimenting with some materials I never have used before like glitter, gems, colorful paints and ideas.

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