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Personalizing To-Do Lists

For this week I have been picking up a new hobby of sketching in my agenda book for school. To be honest, I associate my agenda book with negativity and anxiousness as the only time I really open it, is to write down lists of pending obligations and to stare at my piled up assignments I have to complete later in the night. With school abruptly starting up right around the corner, I thought personalizing some of my daily materials that trigger my panic would ease some of my unrest. For the past month I have been taking the time to sketch something creative on the blank pages next to my weekly to-do lists.

Looking into my agenda book at school and seeing some of the unique pieces of art I created at a time of tranquility in my room will remind me to keep that same serenity in the classroom. Rather than dreading the schoolwork and responsibilities I have to overcome in the next week, I get to be pleasantly surprised by every new piece of art drawn on my calendar. I hope this will make staring at the endless amounts of work as a student currently going through "senioritis" a little more enjoyable and I can't wait to see all my beautiful drawings come together by the end of the school year!

Here is my first drawing!

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