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Double mask skiing?

Hi!! One of the best parts about living in Maryland is that every January and February, we would get inches of beautiful white snow. Everyone knows that indescribable feeling of waking up to a fresh layer of snow the morning you were supposed to go to school and seeing it was cancelled due to a storm. However, with online school snowstorms no longer provide that calm little escape from a regular school/work schedule.

Me and my friends decided to take advantage of a snow storm we recently had to drive up to Deep Creek lake and stay for the weekend. Our original calming vacation ultimately turned into a thrilling ski trip, as we hit the slopes during the below freezing temperatures. On the surface skiing appears to be a gripping, intimidating experience, but for me there is nothing more relaxing than gliding down coats of fluffy snow.

Skiing was a super friendly activity to pursue during Covid especially because we doubled up on masks. Besides wearing our skiing mask to protect us from a face full of snow, we also wore a Covid mask underneath it. Although it was slightly suffocating, nothing can top that crisp air I breathed on the mountains.

Here's a reminder to find unique ways to participate in healthy and safe activities and to always see the positive in circumstances that appear to be negative, like the snow!

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